Vintage cuttofs. These are all different shorts. Please read the description for the hip and waist size of these shorts, color, and brand. Mainly made with mens jeans, turned into cuttoffs! 

22" waist, 32" hip: Medium wash Wranglers

24" waist, 32" hip: Medium wash Wranglers

26" waist, 36" hip: Light Wash Jones Jeans

28" waist, 38" hip: Medium wash Wranglers

29" waist, 37" hip: Light Wash 

30" waist, 38" hip: Dark Wash Wranglers

32" waist, 38" hip: Black Wash Wranglers

34" waist, 49" hip: Black Wash Lees

36" waist, 48" hip: Light Wash Wranglers

38" waist, 46" hip: Light Wash Levis

40" waist, 48" hip: Dark Wash Rustler


Vintage Cuttoff Shorts- FINALSALE

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